In The News: East Bluff Housing

In The News: East Bluff Housing

East Bluff Housing, Peoria IL

-per the article: A new affordable housing development project is going to bring 30 new homes to Peoria’s East Bluff neighborhood. Construction is set to begin in 2020 with all homes completed after 14 months. Current landlords in the area like Josh Allen say they welcome new development that he feels ultimately helps the area as a whole. “Whatever we can do to make Peoria better. If it’s gonna uplift the community if it’s gonna be revived the community let’s do it, it’s a blessing. I think from a financial perspective I would think if these units are going to go for money it would raise our property value not challenge it,” he said. Applications are not open yet but Peoria Opportunities Foundation but if you would like to put your name on a preliminary shortlist you can call Jane Genzel at (309) 672-5212.


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