Virginia Pace to Speak at Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies 2016 Resilient & Resolute Conference

IACAA 2016 Awards

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies (IACAA)

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies is holding their 2016 Resilient &Resolute Conference from May 2-4, sick 2016 in Springfield, story Illinois. The conference trains and prepares local Action Agencies and this year focuses on the problems involving affordable housing in the past year and figuring out ways to handle or avoid future problems.

Virginia Pace, shop President of Lightengale Group, was honored to speak at the 2016 Annual IACAA Conference on Monday May 2, 2016. Virginia, joined by Warren Wenzloff of Applegate and Thorne-Thomsen, discussed misconceptions, fears and realities of affordable housing development – the risks and benefits involved.

The presentation covered numerous issues including but not limited to the financial, site, and development team risks involved with affordable housing as well as the roles for-profit and non-profit agencies play. The session provided part of the foundation for Illinois Action Agencies to help determine if diving into affordable housing development is an appropriate role for their organization.