Lightengale Group Celebrates Leadership in Women

Lightengale Group Celebrates Leadership in Women

Celebrating Women’s History Month

CHICAGO, IL – March is Women’s History Month and there is no doubt that Lightengale Group (LGG) has some amazing women on their team. This month, LGG wants to celebrate these individuals, as well as spotlight some other history-making women leaders. Be sure to check out the LinkedIn page daily, to see who gets highlighted for their leadership and those who have made a huge impact on the forward growth of creating quality, affordable housing. LGG thanks all women throughout history for their remarkable achievements, and we our proud that we have some exceptional leaders on our team!

Special thank you to Virginia Pace, Maggy Jares, Liz Reyes, Debbie Schwartz, Sharnette Brown, Laura Nading, and Amy Sanford – for all you do in your professional and personal lives, to ensure a success roadmap is created for future women leaders.



About Lightengale Group

Lightengale Group (LGG) is an affordable housing real estate financial advisory firm offering services to experienced and non-experienced developers nationally. LGG provides strategic & financial planning for developers by tracking evolving government regulations and funding requirements. With over 100 years combined experience and more than 4,000 units completed, LGG is the industry’s preferred advisory leader.