Lightengale Group’s Message on Change!

Lightengale Group’s Message on Change!

Inclusive Communities and Expanded Opportunities

At Lightengale, we all share a desire to make our communities more inclusive and expand opportunities for the least fortunate to create a more just and caring society. The systemic and pervasive racism against individuals and communities of color creates more roadblocks and unnecessary disadvantages than the combined work of community development professionals such as ourselves could ever repair. While we pursue our work, it is important that we as a company also pursue necessary foundational changes to achieve a more just and equitable society.

As first steps, we will begin by observing Juneteenth (6/19) each year as a paid company holiday to provide time to reflect on the many challenges and unfair barriers placed upon people of color to obtain an equal level of respect and opportunities that are provided to others.


We are excited about protestors’ efforts around the country who are rallying for important changes in our criminal justice system and are hopeful that politicians will respond to these cries and demands for meaningful change. Lightengale will be providing donations to Black Movement Law Project which provides technical support to community-based organizers advocating for justice reforms and to Color of Change which works with major institutions to reduce racism.


We look forward to a continuing dialogue with our team members, clients and partners on how we can best contribute to the important work of recognizing all as equally worthy and building compassion. — Kind regards, Larry, Maggy & Virginia



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