Lightengale Group June Celebrations

Lightengale Group June Celebrations

June 2020 Lightengale Group Celebrations include:

Work Anniversaries: Liz Reyes’ 4 year, Maggy Jares’ 13 year

Birthdays: Laura Nading 

Here at Lightengale Group (LGG) we love to share in the excitement with our staff that only birthdays and special milestones can bring us. Today we celebrate our Senior Project Manager, Liz Reyes and our Executive Project Manager, Maggy Jares on all their years here at LGG. Later this month, Laura Nading will celebrate her birthday, help us wish all these ladies a wonderful celebration month! Liz, Maggy and Laura all bring something special and of value, each and every day to the office; we are looking forward to the day we will get the chance to celebrate again in-person. LGG is proud to have these ladies on the team, and we thank them for their continued efforts to help in the betterment of quality affordable housing.

Executive Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Coordinator


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About Lightengale Group
Lightengale Group (LGG) is an affordable housing real estate financial advisory firm offering services to experienced and non-experienced developers nationally. LGG provides strategic & financial planning for developers by tracking evolving government regulations and funding requirements. With over 100 years combined experience and more than 4,000 units completed, LGG is the industry’s preferred advisory leader.