Low-Income Chicagoans Eligible for Special $5 one-Year Membership to Divvy Bike Sharing Program

A bargain $5 one-year membership to the Divvy bike sharing program is now available for qualifying low-income residents, under a new plan launched by the city, program partner Better Bike Share Partnership, and program sponsor Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Single-person households with income below $35,310 per year are eligible for the discounted membership, and the city is working to find ways to expand affordability for a second year.

Providing accessibility for low-income residents has been a major theme of the recent expansion of the Divvy program. Nearly half of the current total 477 Divvy rental stations have been added in just the last 6 months, increasing the program’s footprint beyond the core of denser, central neighborhoods. Further expansion into Evanston and Oak Park, to access more low-income participants who might benefit most, is a priority for program backers and currently in the planning stage.

The Chicago bike sharing program is now very affordable for low-income Chicagoans for the next year, with support on the way to expand premium affordability to two years! We encourage all affordable housing developers and owners to advertise this sustainable, convenient and almost free transportation system to their residents.

Map of Divvy rental station locations.