Personal Details

Alice Mwinzi

Project Coordinator

Alice joined the LGG Team in October 2018 - she has brought with her a pool of knowledge and skills that she is excited to share with all of us in her new role as Project Coordinator. She has a combined total of 6+ years working with Human Resources, Business Operations and In-house Coordinator for Public Relations. She completed grad school at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and majored in Public Administration. She is a wonderful addition to the Lightengale group, and she looks forward to serving our clients and making new connections for the growth of our company.

2 years: GA at UofI at CHRSC
3 years: BOI NIU University Health and Wellness
1 year: OHC NIU Housing & Dining – Marketing & PR

Undergrad: Northern Illinois University
Graduate School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Fun facts
I love collecting candle wax melts.

Discovering new coffee shops.

What I like about LGG
“I like working with an extremely knowledgeable team.”