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Mitch Hendrick

Project Coordinator

Mitch joined Lightengale Group in January of 2018. He is a recent graduate of the Master of Urban Planning program at the University of Louisville and has experience working for public and private planning agencies. Most recently, Mitch worked as the Planning Intern for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado and gained valuable experience working with City officials and developers on projects related to affordable housing, recreation, and environmental stewardship.

(312) 999-9453
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University of Louisville, Master of Urban Planning
Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development
Illinois State University, B.A. in Criminal Justice Sciences

Fun fact
Mitch first developed an interest in affordable housing through an internship with the Chicago Police Department.

Cross-country road trips with my beagle, basketball, and hiking.

What I like about LGG
“I enjoy having the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and being surrounded by people who are passionate about the industry.”