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Todd Wells

Director of IT

Todd Wells began developing the Lightengale Software in 1999. Completing the first version in 2002, he then managed the team that pulled the software through two major upgrades. The software has allowed Lightengale Group to automate many of the tedious tasks and calculations involved with tax credit financing, freeing up time to focus on bigger strategic issues.

Other projects have included a web-based interface for Project Opportunity investors to enter their applications, and the development of the spreadsheet used by the Chicago Department of Planning and Development for their application process.

23 years of Experience Programming Databases
18 years As Lightengale's IT Director

(312) 999-9451
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Harvard University, B.A. in Linguistics

Fun fact
Todd speaks German and Russian, and often hosts international visitors who want to learn more about U.S. affordable housing programs.

Todd travels to a different place two or three times each year to race a marathon, calculating that running 26 miles is an effective way to see all of a city in a short amount of time.

What I like about LGG
“Passing by an old project, years after closings, and seeing how it has not only fit in and adapted to the neighborhood, but obviously become part of the bedrock, thanks to our clients’ quality of work.”