Rosenwald Courts wins “Gem of the Community Award”!

Rosenwald Courts wins “Gem of the Community Award”!

Congratulations are in order for the Rosenwald Court Apartments! On July 26, 2018, Rosenwald was awarded the “Gem of the Community Award” at the archi-treasures Jewels in July Celebration “Ultra Violet” for their “We Carry the Light” public art installation.

“We Carry The Light” was created to capture the past, present and future of Bronzeville through the eyes of their residents. The community was involved, helping to sculpt clay pieces used in the Sankofa Bird. This mythical bird has its feet planted forward while looking back signifying the past guiding a way to planning the future. Residents reflected on the history of their neighborhood; using symbols, words, and textures they infused each piece with hope, love, peace, and spirituality.

Rosenwald Courts, formerly known as the Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments, began construction in 2015. This historic development was rehabilitated to create a livable space for the residents of this thriving community.

Located in Bronzeville, the “Black Metropolis”, has provided a home to many famous African-Americans. Gwendolyn Brooks, Jessie Owens, Joe Lewis, Lorraine Hansbury, Marla Gibbs, Nat King Cole, Quincy Jones, and William L. Dawson to just name a few. These icons and many others yearned to create meaningful lives and were infused with an ancestral force of energy. This energy permeated the 1960s Civil Rights movement and still resonates within current movements for social justice and economic empowerment.

A big thank you to all those involved:

  • Mercy Housing Property Management
  • Rosenwald Courts Apartments, LP
  • Gallery Guichard
  • Archi-treasures
  • Local Artist  Carolyn Elaine and Damon Lamar Reed
  • Rosenwald Residents

Congratulations Rosenwald Courts!


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