When it comes to non-profit housing, there are many variables to consider before launching a new project. It can be daunting to enter or re-enter this market without a non-profit housing consulting partner—and that’s where LGG can help you.

Your affordable housing projects are made with under-served people in mind—and you’re stepping in to address a community need. However, at the same time, you’re facing serious challenges and unique budgetary constraints that only the non-profit industry has to consider.

LGG partners with non-profit agencies and has already completed more than 85 projects to date—so we know the common problems and obstacles you’re facing. We’ve got a proven track record of success within our non-profit housing consulting department and are extremely proud of the non-profit housing developments we’ve helped our partners bring to life.

So how can we serve you?

What Non-Profit Housing Consultants Do

  • Create a strategic plan
  • Complete funding applications
  • Identify financing options like tax credits and tax-exempt bonds
  • Educate Board members
  • And more

Non-Profit Housing Consulting Projects

How We’re Different

Other non-profit housing consultants stop at the application process or try to provide very surface-level insights that still require a lot of legwork on the client’s end. We’re different in that we believe in helping you through the process—not just educating you on how it works. Whether it’s troubleshooting through a financing pinch or providing guidance on how to move forward after successful funding is obtained, we’re right here for you.

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