Lightengale Group (LGG) is a real estate financial advisory firm that caters to both experienced developers and those new to the affordable housing industry.

Our mission is to figure it out with you and execute the strategy for creating quality affordable housing

What does that mean?

We’re experts when it comes to the ever-changing government regulations and funding requirements for affordable housing developments. And by approaching each project in a systematic way, we provide a tailor-made execution strategy that enables you to close your project.

How do we do that?

We manage the strategic and financial planning aspects of your project—which frees you to focus on closing more deals. To make that happen, we staff every project with both a partner and project manager to ensure you have the personalized attention you need. We give you honest assessments of which projects are both financially feasible and are likely to obtain funding—saving you considerable time and expense.

What’s our track record?

Our team has over 75 years of combined industry experience and a high success rate with funding applications. Plus, we put 75 percent of our fees at risk on every project—so we’re right down there in the trenches beside you. We’re in this together. Your pain is our pain. Our success is your success.

What makes us unique?

We know that every project is a huge undertaking. To help make things easier, we embrace technology and tools that improve the overall progression of activity. Our process keeps you informed from start to finish and allows you to see exactly where your project stands along the way. Nobody likes to be left in the dark—and we make sure that doesn’t happen.


LGG does much more than help with the application process. We offer services that are tailored to your needs. But maybe you’re wondering, “How, exactly?” We are pioneers of technology that offers real-time project information, easy communication, and quality control features. We also assign two people to each project who have full access to our experienced partners and an extremely knowledgeable team.


We provide a high quality, personalized approach for your affordable housing project, look to build long-standing relationships, and are the Midwest market leaders. Clients work with us because they know we’re dedicated, we’ll get the job done, and we’re the best at what we do.

Our services for affordable housing projects include

Funding QAP Strategy

We scour the QAP and prior years’ results to advise what score is likely to obtain the funding. We walk through the scoring options to help you determine how to get your project funded.

Comprehensive Analysis

We complete extensive diligence on the various income, sources, and costs of the project. We talk with tax assessors, property managers, lenders and general contractors to back up the various line items in your budget so you don’t get surprised after the deal closes. We also make sure we meet the underwriting requirements of the state funding agency.

Identify Partners

We help identify and interview your quality professional team that matches your projects needs and makes the deal go smoothly – qualified architects, general contractors, attorneys, and property managers.

Applications Completion

We coordinate the submissions for the LIHTC and other funding submissions. With plenty of time for your review, we present drafts and walk through the final application with you.

Arrange Debt & Equity

We complete a comprehensive financial summary, obtain bids for debt and equity, and help you negotiate term sheets and loan documents.

Due Diligence Coordination

We assist and track the various debt and equity items needed – from property management documents to insurance to organizational charts to environmental reliance letters. Overall, we work with the attorneys to ensure this process moves smoothly.

Owner Sworn Statements

We compile the reimbursements, complete the OSS, and coordinate the payouts with the lenders and the title company.

Crisis Responders

No matter how much we plan and prepare, there is always room for a surprise. We are there with you – to strategize, problem solve, and act as your non-licensed therapist to get you through the surprises and on to a successful closing.

We have funding expertise with a wide range of sources.


While we are based in Chicago, we serve clients nationally and can provide financial expertise based on your state guidelines.