7 Reasons You Need Public Housing Consultants

Public housing is a market that many developers express interest in, malady but can be intimidating and complex to enter or to re-enter.

For that reason (and many others), it’s a good idea to work with public housing consultants who can guide you through the financing, strategy, and general processes of this evolving niche.

Let’s take a look at seven reasons you need public housing consultants.

7 Reasons You Need Public Housing Consultants

  1. Ever-changing Regulations

For everything from funding requirements for affordable housing to evolving government regulations, public housing consultants do the legwork of always being up-to-date on changes.

  1. Strategy Planning

If you have multiple projects in the works, you need a tailor-made execution strategy that helps you close more deals. Having a public housing consultant team on board means you have more free time to focus on big-picture items rather than being stuck down in the details.

  1. Financial Insights

Without industry expertise, it can be difficult to know which projects are financially feasible and are likely to obtain LIHTC funding. Partnering with public housing consultants not only saves you the time of trying to dig up this information yourself—but can help you concentrate your time and efforts on only the best possible projects.

  1. Expert Tools

Smart affordable hosing consultants know that technology and tools make the public housing process more manageable. They put them to work so you’re always in the know about progress within your unique projects.

  1. Versatility

Look for consultants who do more than help with the application process. You need a partner who does everything from quality control to project management. A great provider doesn’t stop at getting your application through the door—they help see the project through to the finish line.

  1. Less Stress, Fewer Errors

When trying to navigate the affordable housing market on your own, you put a lot of pressure on yourself. Working with consultants mean you don’t make errors that could cost you a big project. Having experts on your side takes the stress out of the equation and helps you rest easy.

  1. Partner-Focused

The process of working with a public housing consulting firm should be focused around your unique needs. If you feel rushed, throw up a red flag. The best consultants have a conversation with you before the project behinds and find out exactly what you need.

The public housing consultants at LGG pride themselves on aligning with all of the reasons we’ve outlined here. The bottom line is: The affordable and public housing markets are tricky—and you need an expert to guide you through the process.

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